Middlebury – My Experience

“I had some idea going in of how difficult it is to try and communicate with people in a language you don’t know, but this surpassed any expectations of difficulty I had coming in. Having all ability to communicate suddenly stripped from you in one day is not easy to deal with (for obvious reasons).”

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Pride and Lack Thereof

“During this pride month, I’ve been thinking a lot about the LGBGTQ+ community. I see so many people finding refuge and a supportive place there, and for them, I am so happy. But as someone who doesn’t identify as what I see as the core identities (gay, lesbian, bi, trans), I feel like I don’t have a place within this community.”

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Las Chicas del Cable

“There are a lot of things that could have gone wrong with this show, but the writers seemed to hit the nail on the head with most of it. With shows and movies taking place in this time period, it can sometimes seem like the plot is based around the male characters rather than female, when really the story should be about the women. I haven’t seen this so far; all the women are acting as independently as they can and none of their stories are being told from their husbands’/boyfriends’/fathers’ perspective.”

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Why Not International Men’s Day?

“Why do we recognize a IWD and not International Men’s Day? Because for my entire schooling career, I have learned about men and their accomplishments but had to seek out information about things women did. Men do not need to feel empowered, they do not need a day to fight for their rights, and they don’t need a day or even a month to learn about impressive men throughout history.”

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