We’re Back! (Not from Italy)

Ciao tutti! It’s been a long while since I’ve written, the main reason being I’ve just had a busy semester but there’s also been a struggle of what I needed to motivate myself to do throughout my stay in Italy. But we’re coming around to the end of the semester and finals week, I wanted to give you all the holiday gift of as many blog posts as I can inspire myself to write throughout December, whether you want them or not. Today, I’m just going to go on a ramble about this semester abroad, as it’s been quite a bit different from my first, but don’t you worry, it’s December 1st and there will absolutely be festive posts coming. I am not even attempting to do what I tried last year and will definitely not promise daily posts but considering it’s been 3 months since I’ve published but you might be sick of seeing posts from my by January (I will also be categorizing these posts under 12ish Days Till Christmas so they’re with last year’s).

So, just in case you’re somehow reading this but missed every single one of my other social media posts for the past 3 months, I am spending a second semester in Prato, Italy. Ultimately, I’ve spent the majority of my time studying, trying to keep the GPA up. Classes this semester were a little less interesting than some other electives I’d like to take before I graduate next May (next May!! I can’t believe how little time that is), but still things I think are important to learn, nonetheless.

I’ve travelled a bit, nothing too crazy, but seeing a couple of areas of Croatia was wild, Oktoberfest was absolutely insane, Madrid was nice but I wouldn’t go back, and London was just as amazing as I remembered. I might go to Milan next weekend but as it’s the week before finals I’m not sure if that’ll happen.

If anybody read my post Sophomore Year in Review, you’ll know I had planned on spending next semester abroad in the Netherlands and next fall in Washington D.C., but we’ve had a little switch up of my plans and I will unfortunately not be studying at Saxion and shifted my internship to this spring instead and spend all of my last year at UNH in West Haven. I’m excited to be able to take classes I wouldn’t have, do some extracurriculars and build the resume some more, and just enjoy my last year of undergrad.

We’re about at that part of the semester when some people want nothing more than to be back in America and some want nothing more than to stay here for various amounts of time. I’m in a weird head space where I’m kind of stuck in between the two. This semester has taken a toll on my mental health in ways I wasn’t expecting, which is a potential conversation for a future post, but on one hand I love being abroad and experiencing new things, and on the other I just want the sense of familiarity of Berkeley Heights, American food and stores, and English. Despite my love of Italy I am desperately looking forward to spending next semester in D.C. and get into a real routine and get real experience using the things I’ve been studying and experiencing a new city and learning new things.

Okay, that’s all I can get myself to write about now, I’m not trying to bore y’all with extraneous details of this semester but things are good, classes are good, Italy is as beautiful as always, and there will be more posts coming throughout the month, and as I said at the beginning I rambled and this makes very little organizational sense, so my apologies for that.

~Sarah Ann

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