Thoughts and Anger

I am angry. I’m angry because this shouldn’t still be happening. I’m angry because we shouldn’t have to keep watching family, friends, innocent people die. I’m angry because nothing’s being done about it. I’m angry because I don’t know what to do about it. I’m angry because it seems like no one can have a reasonable conversation about this. And I’m angry because our government isn’t even functional enough to unite over innocent lives.

I’m not here to talk about gun control, we can have that conversation privately if you so desire, but please don’t presume to know what I think based on this. Everyone should be angry. We watch innocent people die over and over and over and nothing ever changes.

35 days ago the deadliest mass shooting in America happened. Yesterday, 26 people were killed in their place of worship, during their time of prayer. I am 20 years old and there have been 52 mass shootings, 52. Why are we, as a generation, condemned to continue living through these tragedies? Why do we and those younger have to carry this burden on our backs?

Every time the headlines come up I feel sick to my stomach. I can’t even be surprised anymore when they do. Watching the aftermath of Las Vegas unfold while everyone I knew at home was still asleep, I cried before leaving for class that morning. My heart sank, yet again, after seeing the news from Sutherland Springs. Pulse Night Club, San Bernardino, Sandy Hook Elementary, Virginia Tech, those are just the deadliest in the past 10 years. This is an epidemic we are refusing a cure for.

How can thoughts and prayers ever be enough when people keep dying?


~Sarah Ann

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