Sophomore Year in Review

I had originally drafted a post similar to this in January after the start of 2017 but decided to wait because my life revolves around the school year rather than the calendar year. So today I’m going to talk about the first half of my time in college as well as what the future holds.

First off, I really can’t believe that I’ve already made it half way. I forget that its been 2 whole years since I graduated high school but my college graduation still feels so far away. In comparison to my freshman year, this one was pretty boring – meaning I wasn’t living in Italy for 4 months. However, I did finally declare a major (a B.S. in National Security, which might be a shock to people who I haven’t spoken to since I was still in high school because politics was never my cup of tea). I learned a lot about myself, both in and out of the classroom. There are a lot of things I used to doubt my abilities in, that I now know I can do if I just put in a little extra work.

Classes this year were nothing too exciting. Because I started out as undeclared in the College of Arts and Science, this past semester was working on a lot of requirements for my major to play a bit of catch up and set up my courses for my next 4 semesters. Overall, nothing was super interesting or engaging.

Now, even though this year wasn’t anything special, that doesn’t mean my next 2 years won’t be. I think most of my closer friends and family know this already, but this summer, I’m doing an immersive language program at Middlebury College in Vermont to learn Russian. A week after I get home from VT, I’m leaving to study abroad in Italy (again). Then in the spring, I’m planning to participate in an exchange program at Saxion University of Applied Sciences at their Apeldoorn campus in the Netherlands. If you think that’s it, just wait for Fall 2018 – I’m taking part in a new program (starting this fall) that lets me spend a semester in Washington D.C. to fulfill my internship requirement. Then my last semester will be spend in West Haven and then I graduate.

So, I guess the coolest thing about this year is that it’s the first time (and only time if all goes to plan) I will have spent 2 consecutive semesters on UNH’s main campus, and by the time I graduate, only 4 of my 8 semesters will be spent in West Haven. Call me crazy but I’m just trying to take advantage of all possible opportunities, and this isn’t even everything I wanted to be able to do.

~Sarah Ann

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