12ish Days Till Christmas – Stress and Finals

Another day, another post I forgot to write when I had time. Day 6 is all about dealing with stress and time management.. something I admittedly could be doing better at. I’m bringing this to you at 11pm the night before I have a final project due.

Do I have good time management skills? No, no I do not. Do I deal with stress well? Also no..

As I sit here writing, I’m supposed to be writing and reviewing memos (for 2 different final projects) and studying for an exam. Am I doing any of those things? Obviously not. So how do I deal with the stress of my lacking time management skills? I’ve got some great tips for you.

  1. Ignore all your problems
    This is probably the best one I got. Over the years, I’ve become an expert at just putting things off, or pretending I don’t have anything due the next day, or knowing that I do and just not doing anything about it. This is really great when you’re trying to binge watch a Netflix show, or catch up on some YouTube, or even read a book for fun.. Just ignore everything due and suddenly you have all the free time in the world!
  2. If you’re not good at pushing all of your responsibilities from your mind, the next best thing is just putting them off until the absolute last minute.. Kind of like I’m doing right now.
    This one is really great. I do often do my best work under pressure, and there’s no pressure like finishing your part (or everyone’s part) for a group project due tomorrow. So just put it off until midnight the night before. You didn’t need sleep anyway. Except you do because you’ve suddenly lost all ability to function after pulling an all nighter. But regardless, this one is super helpful, you just wait until the absolute last possible minute to get anything done.
  3. Cry… a lot
    I do this quite often, it’s just really great to be able to let out all the stress of the work you’ve been avoiding for the past week. It allows you to clear your mind and think more clearly about other ways to possibly ignore homework you have to do. It also worries your roommate when she comes home to you laying on the couch, face down, sobbing.
  4. Listen to a single song/album on repeat for like 12 days (or in my case, the entire semester)
    My album of choice this semester is Hamilton. I know, I’m trash. But why think about my own problems when I can revel in the issues of 1776 were having?? Their’s definitely seem a little more serious considering there was a minor war and then the whole building a government thing. How can I possibly worry about myself when people had to go through that??
  5. Offer to help your roommate study
    Nothing says “I’m going to avoid all of my own school work” like helping a dear friend do better on her finals. I don’t need to study anyway so why would I not offer my services to someone? I can be much more useful helping other people than following through with my own responsibilities.

Alright, that’s the list I’ve come up with based on this semester. It wasn’t all bad I swear.

But in all seriousness, the best way to deal with stress of finals is just to suck it up and do your best. Whether you’ve studied or not, you know more than you think you do, so just trust yourself. And if you do poorly, it’s only like 25% of your grade so you’ll probably, okay hopefully, still pass the class.

~Sarah Ann

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