Post-Election Thoughts

Our country was built on the principles of a democracy. We elect those in power, let’s keep that in mind. We have to option to vote for who we think will be best for our country. Donald Trump won the election, missing the popular vote by less than 200,000 votes. This means that almost half of all individual voters in this country believed that Trump was what this country needed to benefit them the most. I respect people’s right to choose. I do not necessarily agree with them, but the majority of this country wanted Trump to be our president. So, let’s all just take a deep breath, step back, and accept the results. And to be clear, accepting results does not equate to accepting hate. I know that Trump has said hateful and discriminatory things, and I am not asking anyone to just look past that.

Another thing to point out is that our country was built upon individuals. The majority of our country will do what’s best for themselves before thinking about how that can affect others. The people who support Trump believe that he can improve their individual lives. The people who voted 3rd party did it for their own conscience.

Our country is more divided than ever, and I must encourage us all to move past our disappointments and unite, because at the end of the day, we are stronger together. I’m not trying to invalidate anybody’s feelings. For many people, this is a scary time and while I cannot understand how they are feeling, I respect their feelings of fear, disappointment, and anger. But with this, we must not allow hate to take over our future. Let’s show the world that we can peacefully accept this election and do better next time.

To the Republicans who did not support Trump:

If this is not the outcome you expected, or wanted, I encourage you to learn from your mistakes. Take this election cycle in stride and do better next time. Speak up and speak out. Protest the candidate that your party has carelessly nominated.

To the people who voted for Trump:

I genuinely hope that he improves your quality of life in some way, I really do. And if he doesn’t, the I’m sorry that he isn’t what you hoped he would be, but I hope we can all learn from this election and move past our own failures.

To ALL minorities:

We need to stand up and fight. We must accept the results, but we must protest the hate that surrounds them. Fight peacefully and respectfully. Reject hateful opinions but do so in such a way that does not encourage more hate.

To those in a position of privilege who did not support Trump:

Support our minority brothers and sisters. They are just as important in America as the men who founded it. Acknowledge your privilege and use it to benefit the lives of others. Do not accept the negative treatment of others. Protest it with all that you have.

On a final note, let’s all take a moment to remember how incredibly strong our nation is, not just in power, but in thought. We can handle anything that is thrown at us. We will be able to handle a bad leader. And a reminder for those who think Trump being elected is what’s wrong with America – no, it’s what is exactly what’s right with America. People in this country have the right to vote for someone they think will benefit themselves and their families and that is an amazing thing. If Trump isn’t the leader that those who voted for him hoped he would be, we must learn for this election and we must do better.

This presidency is not the end of America, and with that I encourage everyone to stay here and fight for what makes this nation good.

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