The Life Struggles of Being a Curly Girl

Having curly hair is a challenge that very few people are able to conquer.. it took me 9 years to fully accept what my natural hair is (at least for right now). Even having accepted it, I still struggle to take care of it and manage it and ignore the things that are said about curly hair. And after all that, I am 100% guilty of having hated my hair.

If there is one thing I’ve discovered over the years of hating, heat styling, and dyeing my hair, it’s that I’m proud to be someone who has begun to embrace their curly hair. Day after day, I hear people in person and see them online calling their curly hair ugly, frizzy, poofy, disgusting, unmanageable, the list just goes on and on. As someone who is going natural (of course not in terms of color because we all know I’m addicted to dyeing my hair), it is extremely disheartening to see people saying things like this. I heard them I when I was a kid, and I’m still hearing them now.

With the internet being so prominent in most people’s lives at this point, I even see youtube creators who have an unbelievable amount of influence in the eyes of kids talk about their natural beauty in such a negative way. We should be teaching those younger than us to embrace what they’ve got, and to rock it. So many young children will grow up hating their hair because it looks like some youtuber who has similar hair but shows that it should be something to hate and change. In the media today, especially, there are very few people who are seen embracing their natural hair.

Chances are, most kids out there with curly hair are dreaming of having pin straight hair. I know I did, hence damaging my hair with heat for 5 years. The truth is, I just had no idea how to handle it and neither did anyone I knew. By the end of high school, most people I knew who weren’t my close friends thought my hair was naturally straight. It wasn’t until the end of my senior year that I truly decided to embrace my hair and the only reason for that was because I found a girl on youtube who explained how to manage curly hair. For me, this was life changing. I learned about chemicals I should avoid putting in my hair, why you shouldn’t brush your hair, different products I could try, how to dry curly hair, it was incredible how little I knew about taking care of the stuff on my head.

More than a year later of going off heat styling (sort of), there are still things I’m learning and comments I’m ignoring. If a 19 year old still struggles, just imagine what little girls are going through. One thing we all need to do is change the image of what those younger than us are seeing as “beautiful” and “perfect”. Young girls have it difficult enough as it is dealing with growing up, being sexualized, who they are becoming so why would we not try our absolute hardest to lessen their burden and teach them to love what they already have?

Note the unruliness below…

~Sarah Ann

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