Boring Week?

Because of this week’s inexcusable boringness, I don’t have a lot to share so I thought instead I would post an assignment from my Composition and Literature class.

So basically, in class on Tuesday, my professor wanted to do something a little different and because it was a beautiful day out, he asked us to go out to Piazza San Francesco and write a more creative piece about what we observed in the square. And I will warn you now that I haven’t edited this at all, I wrote it in about 15 minutes and it’s extremely disorganized.

As a light breeze blows through the square and the sun shines brightly overhead, the sounds of dogs barking, people conversing, and cars driving by break the tranquility of the beautiful day. People walk by without purpose, just strolling through flashing strange looks at the girl sitting on the church steps but no one interrupts.

The only things that break up the sky’s simplicity is the sun, a handful of white clouds, and quiet wind. The sun, clouds, and yellow buildings bring color and light into the square contrasting with the dull, grey pavement.

In just 5 minutes, it’s quieted down, less of a breeze, fewer people talking, almost no cars. The pigeons are still putzing around, annoying as ever, just being in the way. Even on a day like this, people are bundled up in heavy coats and scarves, suggesting a cultural difference that Italians dress for the night.

A woman drives by on a stylish purple moped as a plane flies overhead, both going somewhere to do something, meaningful or not.

~Sarah Ann

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