Italian vs. Russian

The first time I studied in Prato, the only experience I had with learning languages was nearly failing French my sophomore year of high school and thinking I would never studied any language again because I was just inherently bad at languages.

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Middlebury – My Experience

“I had some idea going in of how difficult it is to try and communicate with people in a language you don’t know, but this surpassed any expectations of difficulty I had coming in. Having all ability to communicate suddenly stripped from you in one day is not easy to deal with (for obvious reasons).”

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Pride and Lack Thereof

“During this pride month, I’ve been thinking a lot about the LGBGTQ+ community. I see so many people finding refuge and a supportive place there, and for them, I am so happy. But as someone who doesn’t identify as what I see as the core identities (gay, lesbian, bi, trans), I feel like I don’t have a place within this community.”

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The Limited Memory

“During my research, I found no pictures of Cpl. Wilkerson, his crew, or his family. I have no idea what he or his life was like before he enlisted in the Army. I have no ability to talk about who he was, who his family thought he was, why his family loved him, nothing. The only details of his life I can give are the final moments he lived.”

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Sophomore Year in Review

“First off, I really can’t believe that I’ve already made it half way. I forget that its been 2 whole years since I graduated high school but my college graduation still feels so far away. In comparison to my freshman year, this one was pretty boring – meaning I wasn’t living in Italy for 4 months.”

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